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ISO 9001

Certificate No. JKT0500344

OHSAS 18001

Certificate No. JKT6016877



BCS Logistics manages more than 500 units :

Trailer, Tronton, Dump Truck, Bulk Truck, CDD

General Cargo:

Steel plate, steel coil, billet, slab, cement, chemical, steel construction, pipe steel, container, etc.




Transport Management System (TMS)

a web-based system that helps BCS logistics to monitor transportation process and also allows customers to access the information. more

Driver Academy

Education and training for industrial drivers. The program was organized by BCS Logistics, a logistics services company with more than 500 units of truck. more

Driver Management

Driver's ability to manage and empower which includes the following :
- Fatigue Management
- Fatigue, Health, and Alcohol Test more

Journey Risk Management System (JRMS)

Identification a particular route of hazards and anticipation, so that we known act to control and assessment all those potential hazards. more