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ISO 9001

Certificate No. JKT0500344

OHSAS 18001

Certificate No. JKT6016877



BCS Logistics manages more than 500 units :

Trailer, Tronton, Dump Truck, Bulk Truck, CDD

General Cargo:

Steel plate, steel coil, billet, slab, cement, chemical, steel construction, pipe steel, container, etc.

Transport BCS has grown and able to serve the industrial need around Jabodetabek and Cilegon area. The destination regions consist the entire Java and parts of Sumatra, such as Jambi, Riau, South Sumatra and Lampung.

BCS Logistics continues to improve the ability to transport services which is supported by Transport Management System (TMS), a transport web-based system that facilitates monitoring and reporting.

Operational transport BCS is committed to safety and quality management with reliable and qualified drivers, supported by:
- Transportation Management System
- Driver Academy
- Driver Management
- Journey Risk Management System (JRMS)